Delivering Capability and Success through Developing Managers and Leaders

Delivering Strength and Team Spirit through Profiling your People

Delivering Structure and Growth through Building Performing Sales Teams

No greater feeling then when it all comes together

“Light bulb moments that will change the way I approach sales and undoubtedly result in a step change on performance.”

Business Development, Waste Management, UK

“Working with us on our process gave instant results with our first contract win in quite some time!!”

Managing Director, Market Research, Spain

Leadership ~ You just know when you see it

“Of real benefit. So many things I can use when I return to Abu Dhabi to improve myself and my team. The first course I have ever been on where it is totally focused on helping me solve the specific issues I face”

Head of Department, Executive Council of Abu Dhabi

“Highly interactive with really interesting topics that make you think. Great trainer, very up to date with a good personality ~ exactly what is required for such an intensive programme”.

Senior Engineer (GeoPhysics). Oil & Gas, Europe

Everything is within reach when you have the right team

“With our business in a myriad of markets you approached the task with articulate detail and provided us with not only the information we needed but also a complete breakdown in strategy terms as to where we are, where we should be but above all how to get there.”

Managing Director, Specialist Electronics Solutions Provider, UK

“Went out of their way to make a subject matter usually the reserve of manufacturing relevant and immediately useful to us.”

Senior Registrar, Judiciary, Africa

Make the most of your business by knowing what makes your people tick

“Using SPQ* GOLD to understand my sales team was nothing short of enlightening. To be able to fully understand their behaviours in the sales process and to be able to work with each of them on the specific things that matter was a revelation. It has more than paid for itself , not only have sales increased but more importantly we are developing a more profitable, more sustainable and quicker closing sales pipeline.” 

Sales Director, Technology Solution Provider, UK

“There are so many profiling tools on the market today but being so easy to understand makes ExtendedDISC our tool of choice. My profile really made me think about how I communicate, why I find some things easy and others difficult. It has enabled me to recognise my behaviours and to understand how some of them help performance and how others hold it back. Insightful and very powerful. Given that the reports can be flexed for individual and teams as well as most roles in a business I would recommend that every business Owner, Director or Manager uses ExtendedDISC with their employees ~ you might be amazed at what you find out!””

Business Owner, Organisational Development, UK

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Training, Consultancy and Coaching for Business and Personal Development

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Keeping ahead of the competition by being different

“Provided excellent support throughout the assignment, resulting in performance improvement of 65%. This has only happened due to the confidence built as part of the training and support programme.”

Managing Director, Medical Equipment Manufacturer, UK

“Customer care is a critical area of our business and the training of our team is paramount to us. Engaging our contact centre teams has led to a major increase in sales across the contact centre with agents not only providing a more positive customer experience but also a 79% increase in sales compared to the previous year”

Commercial Director, On line services provider,UK

Delivering Value and Contribution through Return on Investment

Delivering Resilience and Capacity through Organisational and Behavioural Change