Delivering Capability and Success through Developing Managers

“Of real benefit. So many things I can use when I return to Abu Dhabi to improve myself and my team. The first course I have ever been on where it is totally focused on helping me solve the specific issues I face”

Head of Department, Executive Council of Abu Dhabi

“Highly interactive with really interesting topics that make you think. Great trainer, very up to date with a good personality ~ exactly what is required for such an intensive programme”.

Senior Engineer (GeoPhysics). Oil & Gas, Europe

Leadership ~ You just know when you see it

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Delivering Growth and Step Changes in Personal Capability or Within Your JoinedUpStrategy of a Development Academy to Help Managers Adapt and Provide Transformational Leadership

Success by Aligning Business and Personal Development with a


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Atman Strategy Ltd is a people and business development training, coaching and consulting firm based in the UK that builds and delivers short courses and programmes for UK and international clients to deliver Change and Transformation. Contact our marketing team to discuss how Atman Strategy can support your change programme or to enquire about collaboration and partnering.

“People join businesses but leave managers.”

The truth is inescapable, the outcomes devastating and yet so many businesses suffer self inflicted wounds by not giving their managers the one thing they and everybody else around them need : a personalised and structured development programme. Whether through training or coaching, working with those new to management roles, those in management roles and those moving into leadership roles, understanding and working with them to achieve specific objectives is how Atman secure your future.

Understand the requirement    Define the need    Build the steps     Deliver the learning    Embed the change     Measure the impact

Core Management Development Training Modules

Complete with dedicated material, workbooks, personal development plans

Extended DISC personal profiling per delegate where appropriate

Access to alumni network and ongoing support platform

Available with UK University approval and certificate

Stand alone modules or within your Management Academy

Specific solutions developed

New to Management                                                                           2x2 Days

Collect the skills we need when moving from being one of the team to managing the team.

Often referred to by experienced managers as the course I wish I had years ago”.

2 day workshops supported with experiential based learning, practical, fun, essential.

Utilises Extended DISC personal profiling.

Performing Teams Through Leading People                                    2x2 Days

For more experienced managers who need their teams to step up to the next level.

Step changes through leadership that delivers team ownership and performance.

Utilises Extended DISC personal profiling.

Vision to Reality                                                                                      2x1 Day

Ensure clarity about the vision and business goals.

Tools to ensure alignment of effort as the organisation understand, buy into and deliver.

Utilises Extended DISC personal profiling.

Talent Selection and Development                                                        2 Days

Recruit and on-board once. Get it right and deliver growth not problems.

The end to end process with key milestones not to be missed.

From a Group to a Consistently Performing Team                               2 Days

Understand the difference between the two and how to manage the journey.

Recognising how to utilise individual dynamics and influence to sustain the output.

Utilises Extended DISC personal and team role profiling.

Sector Specific Management Development Modules

Oil & Gas

21st Century Leadership in Oil and Gas                                                4 Days

A specific environment such as Oil & Gas deserves it’s own focus and for several years Atman have been providing just that.

Understand how to successfully navigate the leadership challenges for the 21st century in this complex sector, to recognise the indicators and adapt to the constant change and significant issues in order to thrive.

Engineer to Manager ~ The Toolkit for Success                                   4 Days

Moving from the role of an Engineer to that of a Manager is a significant step and requires support and training different from that normally found in the Oil & Gas sector.

Atman have been providing this support to Engineers from as far a field as the USA, Nigeria, GCC, Russia and Europe, the feedback is astounding.

Procurement Through Tenders

Bid Management and Evaluation  ~ The Responsible Customer        3 Days

Procurement officers the world over complain about the quality of bids they receive, suppliers the world over complain about the narrowness of tender processes. In both cases neither party are convinced of the effectiveness of the process and at best the relationship moves from a price focus to a solution view.

Break that mould through the roadmap to successful tendering for vendor selection and development.

Training Modules Supporting Performing Managers

Managing Conflict                                                                                     1 Day

Conflict exists, managing it well is something most managers wish they could do better.

A simple process to reduce the stress, retain the dignity and increase performance.

Make Time Pay                                                                                           1 Day

The only resource we can never reuse.

A different approach to time management that will fix your biggest time bandits for good.

Presenting for Maximum Impact and Return                                          1 Day

Hate presenting, endure presenting or feel comfortable with presenting. Either way a

fun, challenging and packed with tips to give you confidence put you in control and

improve your presentation skills.

Motivation and Goal Setting                                                                  1/2 Day

Time dedicated to you and your success.

Get to grips with what motivation really is and how to convert that into results.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)                                             1Day

How people see you, hear you and respond to you.

Now recognised as far more important to success that IQ ~ how to make it work for you.

The Art of Communication                                                                      2 Days

The words we use account for as little as 7% ~ optimise the other 93%.

Training for Trainers                                                                                2 Days

Highly interactive workshop for building, delivering and managing training that adds value.

A Process for Change                                                                               1 Day

An introduction to why do 60% of all change initiatives fail and what to do about it.

The three steps explored and mapped out in an interactive workshop.

Management Coaching Programme

Developing Management capability is an essential part of developing robust and sustainable businesses. Our Management Coaching Programme is made available on a 1:2:1 basis providing valuable, dedicated and focused support to managers over an extended period of time with each assignment based on ensuring that growth is achieved in both a personal and professional capacity with specific measured outputs and impacts.

Tools Supporting Management Development

Extended DISC Personal / Team Behaviour Profiling

Used by over 1 million people every year ExtendedDISC is the leading behavioural profiling tool available today and the basis of many other brands of personal and team behaviour profiling tools, questionnaires and assessments. After completing your online questionnaire Atman will provide you with individualised feedback explaining your behavioural preferences, communication styles, natural and adapted styles and how to make the most of your interpersonal skills.

Reports can be produced for individuals, pairs, teams, departments or even the organisation as a whole as well as being focussed on many roles including customer service agents, administrators, engineers, students, sales professionals, managers, leaders, executives.

See Psychometric profiling for more information and access to samples.