Delivering Capability and Success through Developing Managers

“No one ever tells you how to be a manager you just end up being one and find yourself in at the deep end. Fantastic to now have a framework. The sort of thing everyone entering in management should have access to”

Aftermarket Team Leader. Heating Systems. UK

“The areas discussed and worked on are essential to our survival. The delivery made it real not theoretical and so will be using with my business unit immediately”

COO. Oil & Gas. Russian Federation


Leadership ~ You just know when you see it

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Delivering Performance Growth and JoinedUp Step Changes in Personal and Team Capability by Helping Managers be Leaders of Change Not Bosses Pushing Change.

Empower, Support and Develop.

Success by Aligning Business and Personal Development with a


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Atman Strategy Ltd is a people and business development, training, coaching and consulting firm based in the UK that builds and delivers programmes for UK and international clients to deliver Change and Transformation.

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“People join businesses but leave managers.”

The truth is inescapable, the outcomes often devastating and yet so many businesses suffer self inflicted wounds by not giving those responsible for the performance and direction of others the one thing they need : To be empowered and supported then given a structured and personalised management development programme to enable them to lead.

Whether new to a people management role and grappling with some of the issues of no longer being the coworker or still finding that getting the best from the team is not proving as straightforward as you had hoped, you know that managing performance and engagement, leading and dealing with people is a complicated and often difficult role.

Our team do not give you a set of models and templates, they don’t tell you how to do something. They share ideas and tools that work, explain how and why they work and then help you interpret those into practical applications for you. Things that fit not only you and your style, but your challenges, your environment.

Effective managers are people who get things done because their teams to want to do the things they need them to do. They don't just manage people, they lead them.

Understand the requirement    Define the need    Build the steps     Deliver the learning    Embed the change     Measure the impact

Examples of Management Development Modules Embedded Within Recent Assignments

Developing New Management

Experiential based, practical, high impact, essential. Often referred to by experienced managers as the support I wish I had years ago”.

From a Group to a Consistently Performing Team                             

Understand the difference between the two and how to manage all aspects of the journey.

Recognising how to utilise individual dynamics and influence to sustain the output.

Leading Performance and Engagement                                  

Step changes through leadership that delivers team ownership and performance.

Vision to Reality                                                                                    

Ensure clarity about the vision and goals.

Tools to ensure alignment of effort as the organisation understand, buy into and deliver.

Talent Selection and Development                                                      

Recruitment, on-boarding and succession planning in an age of digital and social disruption.


Recognising and removing unproductive effort from all aspects of an organisation and business operation, not just manufacturing !

Behavioural Frameworks                                                                     

Its not just what your organisation does but how it does it as behaviour is a lead indicator to future performance.

KPI’s and Performance Management                                                                   

Making sure that everyone in your team, your department, your business unit, your business is “facing the right way”. Connect with the bigger picture and build a culture of engagement. 

Example Sector Specific

Oil & Gas

21st Century Leadership in Oil and Gas                                              

A specific environment such as Oil & Gas deserves it’s own focus and for several years Atman have been providing just that in Eastern Europe, Russia, S E Asia, Nigeria and MENA.

Understand how to successfully navigate the leadership challenges for the 21st century in this complex sector, to recognise the indicators and adapt to the constant change and significant issues in order to thrive.

Manufacturing and Technical

Engineer to Manager ~ The Toolkit for Success                                 

Moving from the role of an Engineer to that of a Manager is a significant step and requires specific support and training different from that often found in commerce.

The challenge of how to move away from being the technical expert and into a manager of people not processes and systems is a remarkably tough. Again, with Atman coming from an operational effectiveness perspective leads to directly to transformation.

Although originating in manufacturing this support has evolved to deliver productivity uplift in sectors such as Construction, IT, Defence and Education

Professional Services

The Leaderpreneur                                 

Law firms, accountants, advisors and consultancies are all experiencing a constant and growing wave of change in the way their practices operate. The pressure to change is immense and a key strand to the strategy for success is often working with the Atman team to ensure that staff at all levels are able to enhance performance, capitalise on challenges and maximise opportunities by developing their people management, talent development skills, organisational architecture and operational effectiveness.


Bid Management and Evaluation  ~ The Responsible Customer      

Procurement managers the world over complain about the quality of bids they receive, suppliers the world over complain about the narrowness of tender processes. In both cases neither party are convinced of the effectiveness of the process and as such nobody really wins.

Break that mould by combining structured tendering best practice with the skills of effective management and build a roadmap to successful tendering for vendor selection and development.

Management Coaching

Developing Management capability is an essential part of developing robust and sustainable businesses. Our Management Coaching is made available on a 1:2:1 basis providing valuable, dedicated and focused support to managers over an agreed period of time with each assignment based on ensuring that growth is achieved in both a personal and professional capacity with specific measured outputs and impacts.