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“We were sceptical about psychometric profiling but are now converted, so much so that SPQ* GOLD is now part of our everyday language, recruitment and development process within our sales and customer support teams”

HR Manager, IT, Europe

“The minute I saw the results I knew exactly who they were talking about. Answers to so many issues then became clear. Added to that the fact that it [ExtendedDISC] was so much easier to understand than many psychometrics we looked at, for us, it is an obvious choice to use it from here on in”

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How well do you know yourself or your people?” is a question we ask all of the time.

The honest answer for most people to this question is worryingly “Not very well at all.”

People are complicated and if you can understand what really makes them tick you are a lot further ahead than most. You can have the best mapped out processes and the ultimate systems, but at the end of the day your success is wholly dependant on people. It is after all people who get things done.

Understand what makes your people tick, use this information wisely and the impacts on recruitment, relationships, team work and productivity can be astounding. Having experienced many products Atman have selected two of the very best available to offer as either stand alone solutions to help develop you, your teams and your business, or as part of a programme of learning, change, development and continuous improvement.

Understand the requirement    Define the need    Build the steps     Deliver the learning    Embed the change     Measure the impact


Sales call reluctance

SPQ* GOLD (Sales Preference Questionnaire) is the only measure of it’s kind. It is regarded as the world's leading and most trusted process for measuring the effectiveness of sales people to develop business through analysing their ability to initiate contact with prospects, develop meaningful sales based relationships and conversations and then to pursue and complete sales.

The narrative provided in each report along with up to 24 measures including the recognised 12 types of Sales Call Reluctance behaviours, gives detail and explanation of the hesitance to prospect and self promote. SPQ* GOLD identifies how much initiative, energy and drive an individual devotes to proactive sales prospecting and the amount of energy spent on coping with inhibitors such as fear. Combining the two and working with the support information provided enables sales managers to build highly effective and engaged sales teams whilst giving the sales person themselves a personalised framework to capitalise on their strengths and either develop or mitigate their weaknesses.

An essential tool for anyone responsible for meeting sales targets whether you call yourself a sales person or not.

One price per person, multiple reports including:

Sales Manager Pack

Manager instruction and definition

Detailed explanation of measures within the report

Questions document to assist exploring the measures and their impact further with the sales person

Validity and results documentation

Individual pack

Individual overview interpretation

Individual detailed report identifying personal measures and industry comparatives of :

the aggregated comfort Vs discomfort score

the 12 Sales Call Reluctance Behaviours

the four measures of motivation and achievement of goals

indicators of the likelihood of success ~ how much, how quick etc

Team pack

Team interpretation

Graphical team interpretation of 21 measures

Comparisons to the industry norms

Face-face feedback

Feedback to management on individual and team reports

1:2:1 feedback on individual reports

Personal development workbook

For sample reports and further information


Behaviour, Communication and Influence style

ExtendedDISC is an assessment tool used the world over by large and small companies alike to help improve teamwork, productivity and communication. Although there are several such tools on the market today ExtendedDISC is widely recognised as taking a complex subject ~ human psychology ~ and presenting it in a non judgmental, easy to understand way that through its supportive and flexible style of reports is easy to utilise in daily business and personal life to support behavioural change and business development. 

ExtendedDISC is equally useful as part of the screening and interview process for new employees or for improving interpersonal skills and performance within and across teams. Either way, when used as part of a people and business development programme ExtendedDISC is an exceptionally cost effective way to make a real and lasting difference.

One price per person, multiple reports including:

Selection of personal reporting formats :

Individual Assessment

Business Development Assessment

Leadership Assessment

Manager Assessment

Selection of team reporting formats :

Team Assessment

Work Pair Assessment

Each assessment provides both graphical and text based detail around aspects such as :

Your natural and your perceived need to adjust style

Your team/relationship role (10 styles)

Your motivators and motivational drains

Your communication style

Your decision making style

How you are perceived by those around you

How you influence and develop those around you

Your personalised keys to improved success

Face-face feedback

Feedback to management on individual and team reports

1:2:1 feedback on individual reports

Personal development workbook

For sample reports and further information