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“Provided excellent support throughout the assignment, resulting in performance improvement of 65%. This has only happened due to the confidence built as part of the training and support programme.”

Managing Director, Medical Equipment Manufacturer, UK

“Customer care is a critical area of our business and the training of our team is paramount to us. Engaging our contact centre teams has led to a major increase in sales across the contact centre with agents not only providing a more positive customer experience but also a 79% increase in sales compared to the previous year”

Commercial Director, On line services provider,UK

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Any learning and development intervention, whether a training course delivered in a short intensive period or a programme that uses the cumulative effect of developed and progressive understanding along with the power of review and reinforcement, is all about being able to embed an uplift in a performance measure. Despite ROI being a mantra in most businesses today many still mistakenly believe it is hard, if not impossible, to measure in an L&D environment. There is a lot more value to learning and development than just money and for many not only does this often seem to be simply too vague but the lack of understanding of what is needed to make that change “sticky” only compounds the issue.

Keys to securing ROI with you

Use The Umbrella of Success

We know that there are easier ways for us to build and deliver training, coaching and consultancy assignments by focusing solely on providing delegates with a clutch of Skills and Techniques. We have all seen trainers deliver courses based purely on transfer of Skills and Techniques, and whilst they work they have a limited, short term, as people will naturally revert to their comfort zone of operation. Skills and Techniques are undoubtedly essential but without them being underpinned by Attitude and Behaviour shifts then ROI, or “sticky change”, will simply not happen.

Put the Steps in the Right Order

1. Firstly; where are you now and where do you want to be ?

2. Sounds obvious but it is not quite as easy as many think. Our structure of base line review and objective planning will certainly help

3. Next, define exactly what success looks like making sure you establish measures that matter not just measures

4. Ensure buy-in and ownership by following our rules for SMarTeR goals and objectives

5. Only now that we know what the “gap” looks like can we plan the journey by establishing the components driving ownership and the structure of the course or programme

6. Before embarking on the implementation itself, establishing how the intended performance uplift will be measured, monitored and kept alive post event

Establishing the return on Investment achieved through Learning and Development is not hard, it just takes time to work out what it means for you and getting the steps to success in the right order. For some it is a financial return, for some a shift in customer experience. For many it is about developing team or sales performance and for others a soft measure of growth or emotional well being.

There is no right measure, there is not wrong measure it just has to be a measure that matters.

Understand the requirement    Define the need    Build the steps     Deliver the learning    Embed the change     Measure the impact

Quote to close from 40% to 74% through short course on sales opportunity qualifying and development along with a model for confident negotiation ~ international high specification engineering solutions.

Per head time savings of 10% of time equating to c210Hours per year in business administration through team management and development ~ sales support

Year on year increase in sales of 79% through bespoke customer skills short course ~ IT solutions

18% reduction in lead time through team building and core negotiation skills ~ international supply of fluid transfer solutions

12% performance increase within remote sales team through management development ~ manufacturing

Improved understand of customer needs through revised qualifying process opened up and won £2M cross selling sales opportunity  ~ Oil & Gas support solutions

Settled erratic 3 year turnover and declining profitability to sustained turnover increase and return to profitability through clarity of vision and ownership of related activities across business ~ electronics and defence

Secured extended funding facility through implementation of operational restructuring and productivity turnaround  ~ manufacturer

£3M central Government contract award ~ Higher education