Delivering Structure and Growth Through Building High Performing Sales Teams

“We asked for help in engaging our contact centre teams to develop a positive minds-set towards solution selling to our customers. This [support] lead to a major increase in sales across the contact centre with agents not only providing a more positive customer experience but also a 79% increase in sales to the previous year.”

Commercial Director, Digital Solutions Provider, UK & Eire

“Having attended the Sales Leadership training provided by Atman I now not only know what to do, but possibly more importantly, why to do it. A programme packed with ideas and solutions that will make a real difference to my organisation.

Head of sales, Construction Services and Products, UAE


No greater feeling than when it all comes together

Effective and Sustainable Sales Development is only achieved when we understand how to make the Sales process and the Procurement process work together despite them appearing to come from different angles. The Atman suite of Sales solutions and people profiling tools are proven to bring about significant business growth and personal performance improvement by providing a different perspective to an old problem.

Providing the right type and style of training is a key part to the continued professional development of sales and customer relationship and development people, it is however not the entire answer.

LeanSales is not about doing more with less, it is about achieving more by doing the things that matter. It starts with considering the end to end sales process and asking “Is everything aligned, are we doing the right things in the right way or are we creating waste along the way that only reduces our productivity?”.

Training people in an environment that is in itself inefficient will only make the issue worse. Maximise productivity uplift by improving the process with our LeanSales approach then we can understand what exactly do your team need by way of training an development.

Understand the requirement    Define the need    Build the steps     Deliver the learning    Embed the change     Measure the impact

Tools Supporting Transformation and Development

Multi Level Effectiveness Review

Reviewing the key sales messages throughout the sales hierarchy and revealing the gaps. A powerful tool for sales leaders in establishing how and where the “sales story” your clients hear may not be as clear and aligned as you thought it was. Outputs include a multi level view of the sales message along with an action plan of development.

Performance Effectiveness

Reviewing the methodologies employed to deliver sales across your various channels. What silos exist, what approaches are not helping drive a collaborative approach to success. Outputs include holistic view of the sales environment along with an action plan of development.

Extended DISC Personal / Team Behaviour Profiling

Used by over 1 million people every year ExtendedDISC is the leading behavioural profiling tool available today and the basis of many other brands of personal and team behaviour profiling tools, questionnaires and assessments. After completing your online questionnaire Atman will provide you with totally unique feedback explaining your behavioural preferences, communication styles, natural and adapted styles.

Reports can be produced for individuals, pairs, teams department or even the organisation as a whole  whilst being focussed on many roles including customer service agents, administrators, engineers, students, sales professionals, managers, leaders, executives.

See People profiling for more information and samples.

SPQ* GOLD (Sales Preference Questionnaire) Behaviour and Attitude Profiling

A highly focused profiling tool designed specifically to help sales people maximise their business development time to the full by understanding how they rate on specific elements proven to be key to success in sales. An amazing insight to recognising the things you do that help you succeed in sales as well as the things you do that hold you back. Will revolutionise your approach to prospecting and business development. Reports are produced for the individual with the provision of a team comparison and overview to help sales managers balance skill and attitudes to the maximum

See People profiling for more information and samples.

Core Sales Training Modules Supporting Productivity Improvement and Professional Growth

Complete with dedicated material, workbooks, personal development plans

Extended DISC / SPQ personal profiling per delegate where appropriate

Access to alumni network and ongoing support platform

Available with UK University approval and certificate

Stand alone modules or within your Sales Academy

Specific solutions developed

Sales Without Selling                                                                             

Highly engaging workshop that takes the worry out of having to sell.

Perfect for anyone who probably knows that they need to sell but would never call themselves a salesperson.

Excellence in Customer Service                                                           

Customer perception is king, your communication style, emotional intelligence and actions make the difference.

Managing and helping customers on the telephone? ~ this is for you.

The Professional Sales Toolkit                                                       

Experienced in sales, new to sales or in need of a “brush up”.

Covering the end to end sales cycle but not as you have seen it before.

Engaging, challenging and often counter intuitive but wholly rewarding.

Conquering The Phone  ~ Outbound Calling                                         

Telephobia, or the fear of making outbound calling is fatal for sales people.

Conquering it is about having a process that you control.

Includes live calling for appointment setting and moving the sales process forward.

Managing Major Sales Opportunities                                                    

A proven model to success at winning key and strategic accounts.

Build an action plan that sets you apart.

Developing Major Accounts                                                                   

A proven model to protect, retain and develop key and strategic accounts.

Build an action plan that leaves the competition behind.

Winning Sales Through Tenders                                                            

Over half of all B2B sales are let through tenders.

Stop making life difficult : understand, implement, win !

The Exceptional Sales Manager                                                           

Great teams only perform if their manager gives them the right tools.

Will change the way you manage sales teams for good.


Proprietary 4 level sales effectiveness review and performance scorecard.

The Complete Field Sales Review                                                        

The ultimate investment in your sales people at a fraction of the cost.

Personal review, coaching and training to accelerate performance.

Includes :

Proprietary 110 point sales call audit.

1 day accompanied field sales.

Bespoke training and coaching.

Training Modules Supporting Excelling in Sales

Presenting for Maximum Impact and Return                                       

Fun, challenging and packed with tips to improve your presentation skills.

Building your perfect Prospecting Mix model                                      

Utilises personal profiling provide a prospecting model right for your personality.

Why USP’s will never help you                                                               

How to understand and use your Critical Difference.                                                                      

Motivation and Goal Setting                                                                

Time dedicated to you and your success.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)                                          

How people see you, hear you and respond to you.

The Art of Communication                                                                     

The words we use account for as little as 7% ~ optimise the other 93%.

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Sales Performance is The Result of a JoinedUp Approach Throughout the Entire Team. Only When Every Cog is Aligned and the System is Efficient Will Productivity Uplift be Sustained

Success by Aligning Business and Personal Development with a


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