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Delivering Resilience and Capacity through Organisational and Behavioural Change

“Consummate professional who offered support at every stage, helping us to see where our strengths were, as well as pointing out where we could improve. A very positive experience and we shared similar views on a number of subjects, ensuring the working relationship was enjoyable as well as successful.”

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“A relationship, not a transaction.

Delivered a valued support and information service, bespoke and very easy to work with. True out of the box ideas driven by knowledge from within the box.”

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Productivity Uplift Through a JoinedUp Approach to Process Improvement With a Change in Attitudes and Behaviours

Success by Aligning Business and Personal Development with a


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Atman Strategy Ltd is a people and business development, training, coaching and consulting firm based in the UK that builds and delivers programmes for UK and international clients to deliver Change and Transformation.

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Productivity : consistently the biggest issue faced by organisations large and small, public or private. Improving it is not about doing more or trying harder, in many ways it is the opposite: trying easier. Stop doing the things that don’t work or matter and start doing more of the things that do.

Achieving increased productivity is about embedding sustainable change through ownership and buy-in.  Using a range of Lean, Six Sigma and Project Management based concepts, tools and methodologies combined with our people based DNA we work with you to understand what is really going on and where significant gains can be made in the way the organisation and its people go about their work.

Finding better ways of achieving success, not only in what you do but also how you do it.

With over 60% of change initiatives failing it is hardly surprising that so many resist it and yet with the right support change is no longer a leap into the unknown world of chaos but an invigorating, rewarding process. It is true that the things that got where we are will not get us where we need to be and as we can no longer wait for another person or another time we need to accept that we are the change that we are looking for.

Understand the requirement    Define the need    Build the steps     Deliver the learning    Embed the change     Measure the impact

Being successful at helping organisations develop capability and capacity through step changes and transformation is about using core principles and not over complicating things. The process starts with a need to stop, listen and understand not to charge in with a range of plans and great ideas. We will challenge you, not because we know your plan better than you but to encourage you to think about it from different perspectives and to give you the chance to really test its validity from a completely unbiased direction. Why? Because if we are to work together on strengthening your organisation, changing behaviours and attitudes, and help your leaders drive an appetite for on going improvements and growth long after we have gone there needs to be a clear understanding of three things:

       Where are we now and what the destination looks like

       The route that makes most sense

       The bumps, and pot holes we might well find along the way and the options we have for them

Ensuring a successful change process and embedded knowledge transfer uses a combination of approaches. Coaching of leadership, management and operational teams, the provision of training sessions, the facilitation of workshops and the tracking of progress.

Core Change and Transformation Interactions and Training Modules In Support of Knowledge Transfer

Experiential workshops often used by Atman to support knowledge transfer and deliver growth in employee engagement, productivity and process improvement. Designed to enable participants to become fully immersed the application of change they bridge the gap between theory and practice and enable stakeholders to become fully aware of the attributes and characteristics of effective sustainable change projects and transformation programmes. Spending time engaging with the practicalities of bringing accelerated change and productivity uplift to life in a measured, highly effective way.

A Process for Change                                                                            

Why do 60% of all change initiatives fail and what to do about it.

The three steps explored and mapped out in an interactive workshop.

Managing and Delivering Change                                                         

The change process, how and why it impacts on behaviour.

Applied Project Management                                                                

An in-depth and highly practical workshop centred on the practical implementation of real change initiatives and projects.

Leading Change and Transformation Through Coaching

Coaching forms an essential part of embedding sustainable change in attitude, behaviour and performance. Supporting these initiatives and ensuring the change becomes embedded within the organisation our Knowledge Transfer Through Coaching Programme is made available to those leading and managing teams impacted by the shift.

Tools Supporting People Impact and Development

Extended DISC Personal / Team Behaviour Profiling

Used by over 1 million people every year ExtendedDISC is the leading behavioural profiling tool available today and the basis of many other brands of personal and team behaviour profiling tools, questionnaires and assessments. After completing the online questionnaire Atman will individualised reports and feedback explaining behavioural preferences, communication styles, natural and adapted styles of leadership and how to make the most of interpersonal skills in support of the change process.

Reports can be produced for individuals, pairs, teams, departments or even the organisation as a whole as well as being focussed on many roles including customer service agents, administrators, engineers, students, sales professionals, managers, leaders, executives.

See Psychometric profiling for more information and access to samples.